Y Readers

YReaders 3John is a special scholar in the program at Albemarle Road Elementary. He began 1st grade struggling to read and write. Upon enrolling in Y Readers, John watched other scholars work hard and participate, and he soon began to focus more at Y Readers and also in his classroom. Soon he was more successful in reading sight words and began using his letter sounds to help him write in small groups. During the instructional day, John volunteered to read words and bring to school sentences he had written at home.

One day during the program, John picked up a book and began sounding out the words in excitement. For a week he read the same book to anyone who would listen. Once he mastered that book, he moved on to others. He would start by trying to read only the first page. Even if it took him the entire reading time to sound out the words, he kept re-reading until he could get through the whole page. Sometimes is took all week for John to read the entire book, but the determination and pride in John’s face was evident.

At the end of the summer, John demonstrated one year’s growth in his reading comprehension. His success from participating in Y Readers has excited and motivated John to take risks in the classroom, motivate his peers, and write stories for fun. He puts forth tremendous effort in class and has improved at working independently. Y Readers has taught John how to take small steps to accomplish a big goal.