Teen Health

Teen Health (645x461)Alice is a member of Teen Health Connection’s Teen Advisory Board. After she began serving on the board and learned more about Teen Health Connection she realized that she also wanted to become a patient at the practice.

When asked about getting involved with Teen Health Connection, Alice said, “Once I got on the board and saw the doctor’s office, I told my mom that I wanted to start seeing a doctor who focused on teenagers and not little kids. I have been a patient at Teen Health Connection for three years now.

My experience at Teen Health Connection has been very positive. I really liked being treated like a responsible, mature person who could actually meet with a doctor on my own and not have my mom in the room, like you do when you’re at the pediatrician’s office. I liked the whole vibe of the office.

Teen Health Connection is different from other doctors’ offices because there are always pamphlets of information I can take home to read about different medical issues related to teens and adults that aren’t available at the pediatrician’s office. I’ve actually even shared them with my friends.

It’s a one-of-a-kind place that really understands the pressures teens face every day. Teen Health Connection helps teens figure out the right choices to make and how to spread that knowledge to other teens. They empower you.”