Second Harvest

Second-Harvest-1_smaller (645x430)Second Harvest Food Bank (Second Harvest) began a School-Based Mobile Pantry Program provides on-site food shopping, including fresh produce, meat, dairy and whole grain breads, for low-income families and serves as a supplement to backpack programs already existing at high-poverty rate elementary schools.

One family clearly demonstrated the importance of this work. The family consisted of a dad, mom, two little girls and a boy. As the family walked through the pantry line, the kids helped carry the pantry items they received. The two little girls were giggling and quickly pointing to items they liked. Their little brother walked quietly until they got to the fresh produce section. He volunteered to carry the first bag of produce. When he looked inside the bag, his eyes got bigger. “Peaches!” he said. “I LOVE peaches. They are my favorite! Look! We have Peaches! Can I have one now? Please? Thanks so much. They are my favorite!” The little boy held tightly to the bag and grinned from ear to ear. To the average person, it was a bag of fruit. To him it was a pot of gold.


The school nurse began to cry as she was overcome with joy from seeing students have access to healthy food. She deals with many children who have ailments and side-effects that can be attributed to lack of proper nutrition. She offered her sincere thanks and was eager to help in any way possible to keep the program at the school.