Jewish Family Services

JFS 2 (645x429)Betty is a 75-year-old widow on a fixed income. She originally came to Jewish Family Services (JFS) seven years ago for grief therapy after the loss of her son. JFS helped her apply for food stamps, set her up as a food pantry client and began regular counseling. Two months ago, Betty called to say she fell in her home but was afraid to go to the hospital. The JFS therapist called 911 to arrange for an ambulance and, with Betty’s permission, contacted her adult son who was traveling out of town. The therapist coordinated services including communication with the doctors and nurses at the hospital, researched and arranged for a resource to walk Betty’s dog so she was comfortable staying in the hospital, and kept the son informed.

Once Betty was stabilized and ready for discharge, JFS initiated a plan for her to return home, including providing resources for prescriptions and in-home care. JFS arranged for volunteers to visit her, as well as provided continued support with delivered hot meals and groceries from the JFS food pantry.

In the past several weeks, JFS has continued to communicate with Betty’s family to help them understand her needs. Through case management, JFS has been able to identify and secure subsidized housing which will provide Betty with a nicer, cleaner home than where she is currently living, while reducing her rent and allowing her to afford the in-home care she needs.