International House

International HouseAmad came to International House to apply for citizenship. Through a thorough intake process we determined that, though he was legally eligible, he needed instruction in English to be successful on his naturalization exam and interview.

The Immigrant Advocacy Program referred Amad to the Client Services Director for English evaluation, which is a brief model of the Citizenship interview and consists of Civics, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Not passing the Reading and Writing sections, he was encouraged to enroll in English classes and was referred to our Education program (though the client may register for classes anywhere they choose). Over the course of the summer, Amad successfully completed one term of English Tutoring and our Citizenship Class.

Immigrant Advocacy Program staff represented Amad at his naturalization interview, which was overwhelmingly successful. He took his oath and is now a naturalized U.S. citizen. He recently wrote to us (in English) of his happy experience and gratitude to International House.