HEART Tutoring

Heart 3Sarah began as a first grader unable to count her three siblings. Struggling as an English Language Learner, she was falling behind in class. According to the pre-assessment administered by HEART Tutoring in September, Sarah had conceptual gaps in Counting, Changing Numbers, and More or Less, scoring 1 out of 4 on what should have been internalized in kindergarten.

Sarah was tutored twice per week for 30 minutes from September to May by two volunteer tutors. The tutors used HEART’s curriculum notebook, Counting, which provided targeted, research-based, hands-on activities. With much persistence, consistency, and encouragement from her tutors, Sarah passed the mini-assessment on Counting in January and moved to the next curriculum notebook, More or Less.

In Sarah’s post-assessment in May, she scored a 4 out of 4 in all three concept areas she was missing at the beginning of the school year, surpassing program growth goals.

Her teacher said, “Sarah has absolutely blossomed this year! She has made wonderful progress and has much more confidence. I’m grateful for the opportunity Sarah had to work one on one with caring tutors who could support her in math. The work you are doing is truly making a difference.”

Sarah will continue progress toward grade-level proficiency in HEART during the next school year. Impressively, in pre-assessment, Sarah retained 100% of what she learned during the previous year in the HEART tutoring program.