Care Ring

CareRing 3At age 21, Myrlene Mondesir was shocked to find out she was pregnant. With her family out of state, and the child’s father accepting no responsibility, she felt alone – with no one to support her during her first pregnancy. She was referred to Care Ring’s Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) by the Pregnancy Resource Center and became NFP’s first enrolled participant with Ursula Douglas, fondly refer
red to as “Nursula”, being her home visiting nurse. Myrlene’s goals included being healthy, having a healthy baby, giving her child the best possible start in life, finishing school and securing a living wage job.

Fast forward a few years … Myrlene is thriving. In 2014 she graduated from college with a BA in Business Management. She is employed full-time at Learning RX as a certified Cognitive Brain Trainer. She served two years on the NFP Community Advisory Board and advocated for enhanced services for NFP moms and families. Myrlene has married, and recently she and her husband brought little Lillian into the world. Her first-born daughter, Jayda is five. The first “child” graduate of NFP in Mecklenburg County, Jayda attends kindergarten, loves reading, helping her Dad make dinner and enjoys being a big sister. She wants to be a gymnast. When we interviewed her recently she said proudly, “my mommy is a genius – she knows everything!”