One of the characteristics of a successful and thriving community is access to quality physical and mental healthcare. By investing in effective healthcare programs, we have a unique opportunity to enrich lives. The Foundation not only funds local programming and medical research to improve health outcomes, but also supports grantees that improve access to healthcare for those who are living with disease and illness.





Leon Levine’s Legacy

“Good health is a gift that all of us should enjoy and value.”

Like many in our community, Leon Levine has been touched by family tragedies from an early age. His father died when he was just 12 years old, his first wife Barbara lost her battle with breast cancer, and his daughter Mindy passed away when only in her 20’s.

Healthcare is often a barrier on a person’s or family’s path to self-sufficiency. Illness can be debilitating to the afflicted and the survivors alike, and that’s why healthcare is one of the driving forces behind Leon Levine’s vision for the Foundation’s work in this critical sector. He wants to ensure that as many people have access to care as possible and, so more individuals can lead productive lives and spend more time with their loved ones.