The Foundation assists hardworking individuals who have a positive outlook and a sincere desire to improve themselves and others by funding highly effective programs that help individuals and families break the cycle of poverty.

Access to housing and income are important components of building a path toward sustainable self-sufficiency. We support programs that help individuals in their pursuit of earning a living wage, accessing earned benefits (e.g., veterans, disability or social security benefits) and obtaining affordable housing.

The Foundation believes children are our hope for building a stronger and better community. We look for programs that specifically support children, improve their lives and also benefit the lives of the generations that follow. Therefore, we invest in programs that rebuild and reinforce basic principles of family, marriage, parenting and caring for children.

The Foundation also works to assist those who have made countless contributions to our community. We believe all seniors should be given the ability to live an independent lifestyle, if they are willing and able. Our funding seeks to create a sense of community and fund care for those who cannot fully care for themselves.

Because of veterans’ numerous sacrifices in defense of this country and our freedoms, the Foundation believes Americans have the obligation to make certain these men and women are treated with dignity and respect. The Foundation seeks to fund initiatives that provide avenues for veterans to successfully re-enter society upon their return from service, whether it be through employment, education, access to healthcare and housing, or family support.

Representative Grants