Why Letters of Inquiry Are Declined

Our funding process ensures that organizations best meeting our funding priorities are invited to complete a full proposal. While it’s important for nonprofits to know our mission areas, it’s just as valuable for them to know what we rarely fund.

There are various other reasons we decline Letters of Inquiry, but please keep these general guidelines in mind when beginning the Letter of Inquiry stage of our process.

The Foundation declines Letters of Inquiry that are:

  • Poorly written.
  • Submitted for the same program within 12 months of a previously submitted Letter of Inquiry.
  • From an organization that has programs or services that overlap with another agency the Foundation already funds.
  • For organizations and programs serving individuals outside of the Foundation’s geographic focus.
  • For start-up organizations and/or programs.
  • For organizations with recent, significant leadership turnover.
  • From an organization that has already received a grant from the Foundation within the current fiscal year.
  • For filling a gap in government funding for a government-mandated program.