Jewish Values

Preserving Jewish values by fostering Jewish identity and enhancing Jewish communities across the Carolinas.

Instilling Jewish identity and strengthening Jewish communities are critical components of the Foundation’s work in North and South Carolina. When Jewish people flourish, their values are elevated – values such as Tzedakah (Charitable Giving), Kavod (Respect and Honor), Achrayut (Responsibility) and Tikkun Olam (Repair the World). Programs that celebrate Jewish identity teach the importance of faith, how to practice and learn, and how to respect differing beliefs. Programs that build community create an environment to introduce, experience, and expand one’s Jewish value system. Additionally, the Foundation supports U.S. organizations that advocate for Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Community Building

Bringing people together to create a shared sense of belonging.

Grants in this category fund broad, communal efforts to congregate together and fellowship. Philanthropy addresses a wide range of needs and wants unique to the people of each region through federations, community centers, synagogues and other institutions.

Social & Senior Services

Meeting the needs of all people across the Jewish community.

Grants in this category provide food, shelter, mental healthcare, crisis support, and compassion for vulnerable members of the Jewish population.

Jewish Education

Amplifying Jewish voices, young and old.

Grants in this category affirm that Jewish education has a lifelong impact on Jewish identity and prioritization, ritual practice, and attachment to Israel. Funding is allocated for Jewish-based early education, day schools, supplementary schools, and other formal and informal education.

Teen & College Engagement

Immersing youth in the Jewish faith.

Grants in this category give young people the ability to understand their Jewish heritage during their high school and college years – a critical time of exploration that influences Judaism’s centrality to a person. Funding provides access to leadership opportunities, engaging experiences, and Jewish networks.

Young Adults & Families

Creating lifelong connections.

Grants in this category sustain low-cost, low-barrier programs that are typically peer-led and intended to grow Jewish social networks. Young adults face numerous pressures on their time as they begin their careers and families. Both traditional and innovative programs in this space can support emerging leaders and help young adults champion each other.

U.S.-Israel Relations

Expanding horizons and facilitating dialogue.

Grants in this category provide Americans with experiences and education that increase passion and support for a vibrant Israel. Funding is given in recognition of Israel as the world’s only independent, democratic, Jewish state.

What We’ve Learned

  • Jewish Federations are positioned to meet the unique needs of expanding Jewish communities.
  • When Jewish teens are involved in thought-provoking, age-appropriate programming, they are more inclined to celebrate their Jewish identity and form lasting relationships with their Jewish peers.
  • Equipping Jewish parents to implement Jewish values in their daily lives results in a more engaged and culturally aware Jewish population.
  • Forums for Jewish education have proven to be incubators for Jewish communal leaders and positively impact the families of attendees.
  • Israel has survived as a Jewish state in the face of significant adversity and prejudice for decades, partially due to U.S. and global support. It is vital that the history and heritage of Israel be remembered.