We contribute to enhancing the cities of the Carolinas by supporting institutions—cultural, historical and educational—that enrich the region for current residents, and make it a destination for new residents. The Foundation invests in cultural projects and programs that support cultural diversity and have a significant and meaningful impact on these communities. There is primary interest in best-in-class organizations with long track records of quality programming and substantial budgets.



Leon Levine’s Legacy

“I have a strong connection to the Charlotte region and a keen interest in seeing this city grow and prosper. After all, this is where I raised my family, made many friends and launched Family Dollar stores. It’s my desire to see the Carolinas continually thrive.”

Leon Levine is a native son of the Carolinas. He’s committed to seeing the Charlotte region build its reputation in excellence and an enviable quality of life for all of its citizens.

Arts and culture nurtures the human spirit, attracts new growth, and ensures that our great region continues to thrive for years to come. For Leon Levine, it’s these types of projects that enrich the community and show the depths of his gratitude.